Conveyancing fees, what to expect.

13 May 2021

Article by Jacqui

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Conveyancing fees and disbursements will vary depending on the nature of transaction.

Some of the fees that you will need to consider budgeting for are:

  • – Government search fees – The SA Government Property Interest Report (PIR) and Local Council searches will be required for property purchases/sales. Your conveyancer will advise you what these fees will be.
  • – Conveyancer’s fees – these will vary depending on the complexity of the transaction.
  • – Stamp duty (for a purchase), is a state government tax based on a purchase price. For some purchases, stamp duty exemptions or concessions may apply.
  • – Registration fees on the transfer and the mortgage (if there is one) for a purchase or for the Discharge of Mortgage for a sale.

Prior to engaging our services, we will provide you with a quote over the phone and via email for our fee. The Conveyancer handling your transaction can explain this to you in more detail, if necessary, as well as provide a preliminary statement prior to settlement listing all fees, rate adjustments, incoming monies and deposits paid so you know exactly how much is payable on settlement day.

If you would like to discuss our services further, we’d love to chat.

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