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Smart Conveyancing

So many things to tick off!

Smart Conveyancing is the smart way to handle the legal formalities of a property transaction. Buying, selling, or leasing is not as straightforward as agreeing on a price and a time to move in. There’s a whole lot of compliance and regulation to wade through. There are so many things to tick off that require experience and expertise.

Smart Form One

Working through the minefield!

Smart Form One is the hassle-free way of dealing with a document called “Form 1”. A Form 1 is a statutory requirement that must be completed prior to the sale of a property. It’s a vendor disclosure document outlining what’s for sale. It also triggers the 48-hour cooling-off period (once it’s served on the purchaser).

The 4 pillars we live by

We know what’s expected.

We take care of everything.

We’ve been doing it since 1993.

We got you, so you can relax.

Our Story


We are the perfect mix of experience and youth, wisdom and enthusiasm, as well as knowledge and thirst for knowledge. But we all have the same attitude – to do our very best for our clients, and make sure our service and performance exceeds expectations.