Form Two

Because fine print matters

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Being thorough is second nature for us

A Form 2 is used when selling a business (and contains a Form 1 component if the business is attached to a property). Selling a business is complicated, and there are many areas that have to be covered.

Smart Form One will complete your Form 2 accurately and efficiently so that you can sell with confidence. We cover all areas pertinent to your individual business (such as like employee contracts, Work Cover and leasing arrangements) and liaise with your accountant to make sure the Part C Certificate is properly prepared for your signature.

Form 2 preparation requires experience, skill and an eye for detail – your business is in good hands with Smart Form One.

Tricky cases are no trouble for us.


Luigi Delicatessen

We love supporting local businesses. Not just because we’re a local business ourselves. But because we truly believe that they are the lifeblood of our economy. Supporting them means supporting all of us!