When the stakes are high

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Helping you avoid costly mistakes

A Commercial Form 1 is a more complex version of a Residential Form 1, containing up to 500 pages of information (compared to a dozen or so in the residential version). The stakes are much higher when you’re talking about a multi-million dollar structure.

Smart Form One are industry experts – we have the experience and skill to deliver a complete and accurate Form 1. This is no mean feat considering the many variables in the sale of multi-storey and/or multi-lease properties – it is an extremely complex process which requires a multi-faceted approach.

We are switched on and savvy, adept at delivering an accurate Commercial Form 1. Your Commercial Form 1 is in safe hands with Smart Form One.

Knowledge and experience working for you.


Being local is all about a mindset. It’s a way of thinking that is committed to care and kindness. It seeks to be a better human being. That’s what we see in local businesses. The desire to serve in meaningful ways. The passion to grow one another. That’s why local business will always be at the heart of Smart Conveyancing.