Commercial Leasing

Negotiation with no bite back

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Trust our experience to come to the rescue!

Preparing a commercial lease is no mean feat – all bases must be covered so that terms can be properly negotiated with the lessee. Grey areas and loopholes could (and often do) come back to bite you.

That’s why you should contact Smart Conveyancing before you start the process.

We have a wealth of experience in commercial leasing, and understand that negotiations and documentation have to be very specific to accommodate the individual nature of each lease. We’ll guide and assist you through the process, and recommend other professionals (like accountants, surveyors, lawyers and property managers) who will help ensure everything goes to plan. We’ll also handle the communication with regulatory bodies (like Council and the Land Tax Office), to ensure legalities are adhered to.

For peace of mind and timely outcomes, your commercial lease is in good hands with Smart Conveyancing.

Rest assured you’ll have the best experience.


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