Business Sales

Ensuring the perfect exchange

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It’s a tricky business at the best of times!

Buying or selling a business is an entirely different proposition to buying or selling a house or land. It may not (and often doesn’t) involve any property assets. The crux of any business sale is the contract – everything has to be considered.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Smart Conveyancing can assist you.

We understand the intricacies associated with a business sale, whether it’s a company, sole trader or set up as a trust. Employment entitlements, GST, work cover, stock transfer, liquor licencing and property leasing are just some of the hundreds of considerations. You have to be thorough – there’s a fine line between a water-tight contract and a potential law suit.

Rest assured, we have the experience and resources to guide you through the process.  Your business is in safe hands with Smart Conveyancing.

Experienced in all property matters.


Sparkke at the Whitmore

For Smart Conveyancing, being local isn’t about proximity to where you live. It’s about being close to your heart. It’s about being supportive and inclusive and neighbourly. That’s why we’re all for promoting local business.