Renee Thomas

Smartly Balanced

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People say I’m relaxed and easy-going

Renee began her working life in hospitality, including running a fast-food franchise; she was then an administration manager at a real estate agency for a couple of years, and a conveyancer’s assistant. (Actually, the conveyancer was current colleague, Frank Graney – that’s Adelaide for you). It was her time working with Frank, learning about the intricacies of conveyancing, which spurred her on to become a conveyancer. She studied part time for four years, earning an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing and Financial Services, while partnering Frank in his business. Renee and her husband then started their family and Frank sold his business to a conveyancing firm; the one she would work for after maternity leave. In May 2019, after 15 years in the industry, Renee found herself accepting a job at Smart Conveyancing.

“The position becoming available at Smart Conveyancing was good timing because I was looking for a change, and I was very impressed by the business and the kind of work Jacqui was offering. As it’s turned out, it was the right decision; there’s a lot of scope and flexibility here, and it’s an excellent learning environment – everyone is on the same page and works with and for each other. I cover all aspects of conveyancing, and have established excellent client relationships. People say I’m relaxed and easy-going… I am, despite the hundred different things I have to do behind the scenes… but that’s conveyancing for you, and I really enjoy the challenge.”