Frank Graney

Smartness Personified

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I’m making things happen

Frank began his conveyancing career in 1994. Two years later, he started his own business, and in 2005 employed current colleague Renee Thomas as his assistant. This partnership lasted until 2012, when Frank sold his business to a conveyancing firm. In July 2019, he was approached by Jacqui to join the expansion of talent at Smart Conveyancing.

I never thought I’d still be enjoying work as much as I do now after 25 years of conveyancing. After selling my business and now working at Smart Conveyancing, I’m in my element – the passion is high and I am loving my work and life. My extensive experience fits in beautifully with the supportive, very talented, team-oriented group of people here at this amazing company.

Being a pretty level-headed, pragmatic sort of person – I understand the big picture and the all the fine details you need to succeed in this industry. At Smart Conveyancing, I’m making things happen, which is fantastic.”