Andrea Coleman

Smarter Perspective

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Delivering a great client experience

Andrea began working at Marks & Spencers (a UK department store) after completing a Diploma in Interior and Exhibition Design. She began as a Visual Merchandiser Manager responsible for arranging the layout and look of three stores and their teams. Over the coming years, Andrea worked her way into senior management, expanding her role in one of Marks & Spencers top performing stores.

During this time Andrea was married and she and her husband took a break to travel, spending 6 weeks in Australia. It was then they first thought about emigrating because they were seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. This eventuated in 2016, after their son finished primary school. They arrived in Adelaide, not knowing anyone, for their fresh start. Andrea was interviewed by Jacqui (before she founded Smart Conveyancing). Andrea was new to the Property Industry and Conveyancing, but Jacqui saw huge potential in her.

“I am so thankful to Jacqui. Being offered the role was fantastic timing, and it’s worked out better than I could have imagined. For me, the people you work with are so important. We have a great team at Smart Conveyancing; motivated, driven and fun. I pride myself on delivering a great client experience and am constantly seeking opportunities to broaden my knowledge of the property industry so that I can make a valuable contribution to our customers and the business.”